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What is a ballzak?
Ballzaks are hand-knitted or crochetted cups with two attaching strilngs made to cup a man's testicles and/or penis. The two strings are made to be tied in various ways around the body to add support to the cup.

Where did the Ballzaks originate from?
Ballzaks were actually origianlly created to be drink holders worn around a person's neck. When a friend of the's creator appropriately sugguested extending the strings a little bit further to be a ball carrier device.

How do I wear a ballzak?
The ballzak's wearablility is completely up to the wearer's preference. Here are a few ways to wear the ballzaks:

How to wear a ballzak.

How many days does it take to receive my ballzak?
It takes up to three days to create a ballzak. Then the shipping is shipped via USPS Ground Parcel Post® which take about 2-9 days to deliver depending on location. Optional faster delivery can be offered through special orders. Shipping is included in standard orders. However, if you chose faster shipping options through a special order, you will be charged for the extra delivery fees.

What if I have a question that is not answered?
Please, feel free to email your question by going to the contact query section of this site.